Players wanted: Wednesday night 5-a-side football

Our social 5-a-side football match is running low on numbers recently, so we’re looking for new players.

Anybody out there interested in 60 minutes of 5-a-side football with a group of ageing has-beens (25-40 ish) should get in touch. We play on the pitches at Catford bridge, kicking off on Wednesdays at 19:30, and the cost is £5.

private message me, could be up for this with more info.

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Potentially interested too Beige!

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I realise this is an old post but are you still running 5 a side and if so are you still looking to add players? Recently moved to the area.


Hi, still going, I will DM you

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I would be keen for this too mate if you are still looking for players.

will dm you too!


Hey pal - also interested, if that’s ok? Always happy to be a reserve otherwise - can you also DM me? Although might need assistance in setting up a private thread

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Please can you DM me too? My husband would like to join. Thank you.

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wow… anyone would think we had all been cooped up for 5 months.


My 15 year old might be interested if you go that young. He is a keen football player. Height 5ft 9in. Said I’d ask on his behalf!


For anyone else reading this post - we aren’t actively looking anymore. Feel free to get in touch with me, but I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up.

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Anyone still looking to play football locally? I organise something similar on a Thursday 8-9pm and struggling for players atm.

Hi Neal - is it 5 'aside?