PlayStation 2 and games

Was clearing out and found an old (is there any other kind) PlayStation 2 with a couple of controllers and a few games (Tekken, Madden 03, Crazy Taxi, Wipeout Fusion and one for the Eyecam that’s also there).

It turns on but I haven’t tried rigging it up to a TV (no SCART on mine).

If anyone fancies a bit of retro gaming, you are welcome to it. I live up near the Horniman.


Better off getting in touch with the Antiques Roadshow.

Hi! I’ve actually been looking for a PlayStation 2 for ages now, and would love to take it off your hands!


@Swagger :rofl: tho as it’s got little value, suspect it would never make it to the screen.

@Polly_Martin You’re very welcome to it. I’ll message you with my address and we can figure out a pick up time.

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