PlayStation 3 - free to collect

I have a PS3 (the fat one) here gathering dust as I never use it and would rather it go to a good home! Free if you can collect.

  • 80GB
  • 2 controllers
  • all cables
  • 2 games (GTA5 and Last Of Us)

Let me know if anyone is interested!

Located on Stondon Park.

Hi, if this is still available we would love it. Might make the impending lock down bearable for my girls.


It is! :slight_smile:

Great, i can pick up today if you are about. Just let me know a time and address and i can pop over.
Thank you

Can you send me a DM please? I can’t seem to start a message thread.

Hi, i am trying to send one but i can’t see a way to do it.

Happy to put my email or phone number up and then quickly delete it if that is easier.

@nadineb, @Chris - I’ll create a DM thread for you to get you started.

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Brilliant find Chris and how lovely of you Nadine. :heartbeat:The last of us is an excellent game but more probably for you Chris rather than the kids lol !
I think I may have some games in the basement - if we lockdown I’ll have a look seeing as we may all end up with some time on our hands soon !

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Just to say a massive thank you to Nadine for this.
And Alreadythattime, definitely agree on that game


You’re so welcome! Hope you get your hands on some good games for your girls!

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