Please give our cat back - he needs his vaccinations

Our cat Thor keeps going missing. We know one household who has been trapping him in their house overnight on a regular basis but I am sure there are others too as sometimes he comes home smelling of cigarettes and other times of perfume.

I have asked one household to please stop doing this but they did not show any signs that they would stop.

His collars keep getting removed and we have lost 2 trackers that have helped locate some places that he is going to.

This is a plea to anyone who lets him in to their house. Please stop as we love him and miss him and he has a sister at home who also misses him.

Also he is due his vaccinations now and we really need to take him to the vet so please let him come home to us. I’m sure you can understand how distressing this is for us.

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I’m so sorry to hear what you’re going through but I really doubt if anyone on this forum will have your poor little cat.
I’ve never used Facebook or Twitter but I think getting something up on them might alert some of your neighbours to keep their eyes open and hopefully lead you to Thor.
Good luck!

2 Likes has a large presence on Facebook and Twitter, and I’ve shared @SonyaGhatahora’s post there, so fingers crossed:


Thank you so much for sharing my post! Hopefully we’ll get him back :crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4:


Thank you Chris - you’ve done what I would’ve if I could’ve.
Fingers crossed now!


Any news on him?

Sadly no. I went to look for him earlier and no sign…

why on earth do people take your cat and keep him in their homes its really odd behaviour as is removing his collar.
Hoping he comes home soon :crossed_fingers:


Hi, I’m sure I’ve seen this cat on Firs Close- off Brockly rise. Two days ago. If see him again I shall check the collar and take a pic.


Yes that must be him! That’s the road where we know a household are trapping him in overnight regularly :tired_face:

We’ll have a look for him this weekend. It’s just difficult as they keep doing it despite several pleas for them to stop.

I’ve recently moved to Firs Close, and around two weeks ago a cat that must be yours just walked into our house via our back door which was open. He left shortly after and haven’t seen him since but he had a collar on. Just thought I should mention as I’ve just seen this post! Hope he’s been back since.


Hope you have found it and if you got your cat tagged at the vet you should be able to get it back easily regardless if anyone else has taken it. Good luck and hope it is safe.
Cats are cats though and they will go to an environment they feel comfortable in.

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My cat sits in the window in the sunshine right now but never goes outside, her choice,

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Thanks for letting us know! The house on Firs Close that have been trapping him in since October continue to do so despite several please for them to stop. It’s very stressful :pensive:

What a horrible thing to do! I hope he’s ok.

I would call the RSPCA - they probably have powers to intervene, especially if his health is at risk.


Is he still missing Sonya? I’ve just returned home to FH and I’ll ensure I include that area on my daily running route, to keep an eye out for him.