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I was surprised not to find any recommended plumbers on so thought I’d share my good experience this weekend. I contacted A.F.E Plumbing Services (based in East Dulwich) on Friday night after my boiler pipes started to drip at an alarming rate, and they came round as an emergency within the hour. Aria and his brother were really professional, friendly and quick to act. They were able to slow the leak overnight and then came again on Saturday morning to replace the pipe fittings. Great communication throughout and took the time to explain what they were doing and why. Would 100% recommend and use again.

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I’d like to use my first post here (Hi everyone!) to second this recommendation. I got in touch with A.F.E after seeing this post and a few more over on the East Dulwich forum. Mine was a non-emergency plumbing job (having a radiator removed), Aria and his brother came out to have a look at the job in the evening of the day I called them (once I’d got back from work), and we agreed a mutually convenient time for them to come back and get the job done, which they did quickly, neatly and without any hassle later on last week. As Garfield says, they were very friendly and informative, and I’d also definitely use them again in future.


I would like to recommend Gary at Middleton Maintenance. He came to fit our insinkerator and check out our bathroom tap. PM me for his details! He was a reliable, honest, good guy.


Hi @queenk , I’m not sure how to PM you on this site, would you mind sharing Gary’s number please. Many thanks.


Thank you to all the people who recommended A.F.E Plumbing service - I went ahead and used this service after reading the reviews and I am so glad I did. Only needed some basin taps changing but trying to find plumber was proving to be difficult. Aria was very help and got the job done within a short period of time. The work was outstanding and the price was reasonable. Thank you Aria and team :slight_smile:


I’ve used Plummy Plumbers in the past for small jobs. Carrie is very good.


Another thank you for the recommendation for Aria / AFE Plumbers. I called them last week when we had a leak and Aria and Dan came really fast and really went the extra mile when it came to sorting out what turned out to be a very tricky problem which involved taking up floorboards, digging into walls etc. Not only that but they provided helpful recommendations for people who could make good the damage. Couldn’t be happier with the whole experience.


I too can thoroughly recommend Aria & Dan of AFE plumbing services (07739 734895). Called them to fix a leaking bathroom sink, they came to have a look, decided new parts were required, went to buy them. Came back and fixed the problem. They kept me well informed of what they were doing and why they needed to do it. Very reasonable rates. Very happy throughout.


Hi all,
Our upstairs radiators aren’t getting hot / turning on. Can anyone recommend a trustworthy plumber / gas heating engineer to come and have a look?


Excuse a daft question, but have you bled them?

If that doesn’t work, it may be a case of rebalancing the system between the radiators. We had a problem for years where the radiators at the ‘end of the line’ weren’t heating. Several engineers suggested a power flush would do the trick. Did that, didn’t work. Got LMS gas services in, they rebalanced the system for a fraction of the cost of the power flush, and everything now works perfectly and has done for several years.


Not daft at all! Some are heating up a little so could probably do with a bleed, but then the upstairs ones aren’t heating up at all. Thanks for the recommendation, will hit up LMS.


I’d highly recommend AFE plumbers 07739 734895. They came to fix the leaky kitchen sink and were brilliant - excellent customer service, really nice guys and really reasonably priced.


I had Aria from AFE plumbers over for a simple task, he dealt with it quickly, let me know throughout what he was up to, and at a reasonable cost. Nice guy - I didn’t hugely test him but would be happy to have him back for any tougher tasks. Really ought to contribute more here instead of just lurking…


We have used South London heating to install a new boiler and move a radiator for us. Found them to be tidy, reliable and reasonably priced for London.


After reading the reviews above, we got in touch with AFE (07739 734895) and they came round the next day to look at a couple of leaks we had. Really nice guys - polite, considerate, great communication. We felt we got a very good price for the work. :+1: from me and @Liz_Hall


Yes they are really good guys, I wouldn’t use any one else now.


Just posted on the ED forum but thought I’d share here too. Thanks all as I found AFE through this thread. “Another recommendation for Aria and Dan here. my shower had no hot water. Text them in the morning. Came round and inspected free of charge a couple of hours later. They then went away and bought parts and sent me a quote which I was happy with. By mid afternoon they’d returned and finished the job, excellent work and really friendly guys. They even spotted that my boiler had no pressure which might’ve been affecting the central heating, they sorted this free of charge.”


Has anyone that went through AFE used Castro before? AFE are busy but I have an emergency and they have given me his number – assuming he’s a good guy but if anyone knows otherwise please let me know! Thanks so much!


Just to say that I used Charlie Brenland via AFE today and he was great. Reasonably priced and professional. His no. is 07535 558680.


I got in touch with AFE after reading these recommendations. They misdiagnosed the problem at first, so when they came back to fix it they couldn’t. They arranged to come back at another time, I took the day to wait off for them and they never turned up. Haven’t heard from them since. Anyone got any other, recent recommendations?