Plumber recommendations [2016-2019]

I recently used Jack at Bromley Plumbing Ltd, and he was great!

Lovely stuff, do you have any contact details? Thank you!

Jack Cox
07903 649 294

I used Dave from Down the Drain to replace a section of piping. Came when he said he would and was professional.

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Thank you!

Thank you very much glad to off helped Dave from down the drain plumbers

You might give those guys a call: Balham Plumbers

WOWS, what a long list of positive feedback for A.F.E Plumbing Services! They seem to have a big following over at The East Dulwich Forum too.

So, just to add another thumbs-up for Aria and Dan and their team. I’d been putting off four plumbing jobs around my flat for ages. But after a quick phone call, Aria and Dan were on the case a few days later.

It sounds like they are big in demand. But even though they are busy fellas, they kept in touch and made sure all the jobs got done even if they couldn’t always be there in person.

As I’m sure a lot of you would agree, sometimes you get plumbers, electricians round and they can be a right grouchy bunch! So it was a nice change to deal with a team who take the job and the customer communication seriously. So I would definitely recommend 'em and also call 'em again if any other plumbing jobs come up.

For an added bonus, I also got some other useful contacts from Aria (electricians, boiler check, gutters etc) which are sure to come in handy. :grinning:

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I would very much like to recommend Aria&Dan who has repaird the leaks that has been in my bathroom, kitchen and outside garden tab, I am so very happy with the work, such an honest quick and reliable brothers, thanks to everyone who has recommended them on your site. Oh their phone number is 07739734895.

We had AFE plumbers around to replace some piping and put in new stopcocks. We were really pleased with the work and the communication (through text messaging) over the few days from calling them to getting the work done. We’d very much recommend them.

I had few jobs around the house done by a guy called Aria and his brother Dan, I must say I was very very happy with their work such honest people and very reasonable prices, therefor I very much would like to recommend them.

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Aria and Dan,s plumbers number is 07739734895.

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We used AFE yesterday to replace a bathroom tap and to fix a wobbly kitchen tap. Overall the service was good. In particular, Aria is very responsive over texts and in calls – brilliant communication that makes AFE so much easier to deal with. They were able to attend promptly and did a good job – it was a pretty simple and quick bit of work so I can’t be any more expansive than that, but still: I’d use them again.

On the down side: (i) we didn’t get the renowned Dan or Aria but another bloke called Ken, (ii) the price turned out to be £90 for what seemed like a fairly straightforward bit of labour (that took less than an hour), and (iii) we were asked to put a recommendation on the East Dulwich Forum. Nothing wrong with that at all, but just bear in mind that the numerous positive reviews on here and EDF may have posted dutifully in response to a prompt, rather than spontaneously!

To reiterate: they were good and I’d use them again.


Upstairs lavatory overflow leaking and dripping downstairs in the house - aargh!
Needed a plumber and thanks to SE23.LIFE came across A.F.E. Plumbing Services.
Aria did all the chat and his brother Dan sorted our problem with a new, boxed in cistern, within budget and a lot of charm. I am a satisfied customer.
Their parting shot seems always to be another tick on the EDforum. However Dan let slip that he went to Eliot Bank school - he’s one of ours!
Very happy to recommend.


Just wanted to share that we have had a great experience with local company they have recently changed all our radiators and will be coming back to install a new boiler later this year. They were very polite and friendly with excellent communication and a pleasure to have in our house. Highly recommend!

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To add in a recommendation, I used Jim the 24/H Plumber. Very reasonable price to install new radiators in my one bedroom flat. There was a minor issue with the new towel rail he fitted and he promptly came around to sort for free. Happy to provide his number. He also installed a new boiler for a friend. I tried the ones recommended on here but actually struggled to get them around to get a quote.

Hi all. Just to add a recommendation for A.F.E. Plumbing Services. Aria was helpful on the phone and they were quick to pop round to investigate the issue and discuss options. Refreshing to have a trader recommend options that would save me money rather than cost me!

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I agree and would like to recommend AFE Plumbing Services too. They replaced a leaking tap in my kitchen and all communication was good, Dan arrived on time and on a day that worked for me, and fixed the tap with no problems and Aria dealt with the arrangements really well. Would recommend.

Had a recommendation for a plumber, as we had been turned over by a few rogues, so called Gerry McCormick and we were not disappointed, we were given quotes way beyond our means but Gerry turned up and did the work for half the quotes we had, and could not have been happier what a great job and what an honest and straight forward man, thanks Gerry, anyone wanting any plumbing ot heating work done would not go wrong by getting a quote from this gentleman. I have asked Gerry could I put his phone number on here so we can all benefit from a craftsman he said of course, 07872303925.

We’ve been having continuous issues with leaks, likely due to sealant, but resealing it ourselves hasn’t helped. Trying to find a plumber or fitter who would be happy to check it’s just that and completely reseal a shower and bath. Had one out already but they just suggested we do it, which hasn’t worked, just need them fixed properly at this point!