Police at Peckham Rye Park

There was a massive gathering of police at the entrance to Peckham Rye Park by Harris Boys Academy on Forest Hill Road, at around 11.30am today.
There were about 4 police cars and 2 police vans, lights flashing, and about 20 or more officers all gathering, about to enter the park.
Some officers looked quite jolly, as if they were doing a training exercise, but they were blocking the road and there seemed an awful lot of emergency services being used. It seemed excessive.
Does anyone know what was going on?



Wow, a hand grenade!

I guess one of our delightful local drug gangs have mislaid one of their grenades. Makes you wonder were the others are kept. Perhaps the police presence was understated rather than overdone. If it’s to be grenades now, on top of automatic weapons perhaps its the army that we need, rather than the old bill.

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Shocking indeed!

I guess there’s nothing to say it was a current grenade, versus a grenade from war time which didn’t explode and has only just been uncovered.
Either way, we kept our eyes open for strange things while walking in the park today!

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It’s not that hard to imagine. A bring back from the War is forgotten about and left in the basement only to be discovered by builders 70-odd years later. Believe it or not but my grandfather stole a revolver from the ship’s armoury and had a license for it despite it having “property of the Royal Navy” stamped on it. Most likely a trophy from WW2 than a modern grenade gone astray from a gang’s arsenal.