Pond Repair

Our small garden pond needs a new lining, and we’re thinking now may be a good time, since it has dried out. Does anyone know a pond expert?

In some ways we might be better off without a pond (fewer mosquito bites?) but we haven’t had dragon fly visitors recently which I’m guessing is lack of water, and I think the birds appreciate a source of water.

A couple of goldfish will eat any mosquito larvae they can reach.

Of course cats may be attracted by brightly coloured goldfish so get dark coloured ones, or a dog.

I would just buy the new pond liner yourself - its not difficult to lay and the hard part of digging has been done - as will be easy getting the measurements right if you have an existing liner.

Yes I think I will have a go, although the OH is a bit nervous about that prospect.

I’ve thought we could just get rid of the pond, but it seems to provide a community service for non-human inhabitants e.g. frogs, so we should do our bit for diversity of life-forms.