Poorly & Possibly Lost Tabby cat on Darfield Road


can anyone help find the owner or check this poor lil tabby cat is ok.



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Hi @Sazza and thanks for sharing. Whereabouts was this cat spotted, please? The FB link isn’t working unfortunately.


Sorry try this one instead. I think near to Darfield Rd https://www.facebook.com/groups/ILoveSE4/permalink/2664430230253778/‬

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Has the cat got one eye? Somebody lost a cat since18tn april this cat needs a chip check any chance can be taken to a vet

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I don’t think so, there’s no mention of that. It just sounds like it’s quite unwell & needing urgent attention

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Okay hoping its the other one missing from around that area then, i have sent them a pic in hope it is theirs

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