Pop Up kitchen at The Honor Oak Pub

Hello everyone! We’re a couple of bored of chefs who want to get cooking again, so we’re setting up a pop-up at @Thehonoroakpub so we can start offering our yummy food back to the public!

A mix of British, Spanish, and Asian, we are offering lots of lovely sharing food to enjoy at home.

We will be setting up on Deliveroo but we will also be open for walk-ins from the 22nd.

Hopefully you’ll be trying some of our lovely produce soon!!



Sounds great! Will there be a number to call for walk-ins or will it be order as you arrive?

Look forward to trying the food!

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Either will be acceptable. You can use this number if you do wish to order by phone 07543028786. Follow us on instagram where we’ll be posting the finalised menu in the next few days!

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So only instagram users will be able to view your menu. Not a good business decision to limit your audience.

There’s a link to the Instagram on the original post. You can view it for free, but beware it might make you hungry!!!

Good luck


Unfortunately you have to sign up to instagram/farcebook to view that link,which was my original point.


Hmmm, I can see most of it without logging in… maybe I’m lucky.

If / when a menu is posted, perhaps it will be okay for us to repost it here too @pubkitchentakeover ?

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In fairness I can see it, but when you click on the sample menu to expand it, it asks you to login. Hopefully as you say it can be posted here so everyone can access it if they don’t use various social media, or I guess just walk by and see!

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The Pub Kitchen Takeover - Home | Facebook there’s a copy of the menu on our facebook page here, please have a look!

here is a copy of the menu I apologise to those who couldn’t see it on instagram. We will be uploading a final menu within the next few days!


i’ve just posted a copy guys have a look!


It’s actually a pretty good one. Let’s not put a business down before they’ve even got up and running.


If you are referring to the menu,I made no comment about that,just the fact that it was only on Farcebook & Instagram so limiting their customer base.


Come and get some lovely baos on the 22nd!


Delicious, crispy, crunchy, Japanese fried chicken and Kewpie mayo! The best combo!


Jewish style artichoke hearts :heart::heart::heart: Happy Valentine’s Day!


Here it is our final menu! Can’t wait to start serving to SE23 :yum::yum:
Skate cheeks are likely to change to monk/cod based on what we can source daily, and we are also considering an off menu vegan bao with glazed aubergine :eyes:


Getting our house sriracha ready for the 22nd… goes great with everything! Come and get some in the 22nd!


Hello everyone,

We will be opening from noon tomorrow until 21:00, orders can be made through our website https://thepubkitchentakeover.sumup.link or in person.

We are offering free croquetas to our first five customers so don’t miss out! Hope to see you all @Thehonoroakpub tomorrow. Any questions or queries please give us a call on 07543028786 or drop us a message on our social media or here.

Facebook @ZandJtakeover
Twitter @thepubkitchent1
Instagram @thepubkitchentakeover