Possibility bin collection will be delayed this week due to the weather

Some details here: https://lewisham.gov.uk/myservices/wasterecycle


Service suspended due to adverse weather conditions

There will be disruption throughout this week due to adverse weather conditions.

We recommend you to leave bins out on your normal collection day and we will collect as as soon as conditions allow.

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It appears some bins (not ours) were emptied a day early here … we’ll put ours out and hope for the best.

That’s what we’ve done - let’s see.

Mine was frozen solid. I have propped the lid slightly open with a piece of cardboard Check that they can empty your bin.

Some of the bins around Perry Village look to be being collected a day late, which is pretty good going given how icy some of the side-roads remain.

It maybe worth leaving your bins out if you were expecting a collection.

Yep ours were not collected this morning, have left them out will hopefully get done later or tomorrow. Fair enough from me as well, as you say icy and potentially dangerous for those involved, so best to be safe (and they have been out collecting during the whole pandemic).

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Both recycling and general waste bins were collected on Sunderland Road this morning which is our normal day.


Was your grey food bin collected? So far we’ve only had collections for black and green bins. Same road.

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Elsinore road were collected today and it’s usually Tuesday.

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Hi starman - I’m in a block of flats and we still haven’t been included in the council food waste collection so there wasn’t any food bins for them to collect from us! However I’ve looked out of the window and can see one of the neighbours on the other side of the road have their 2 food waste bins standing neatly up against their front wall which isn’t how they usually are after being emptied! So I’d hazard a guess that they are still exactly as they were when put out for collection last night! :laughing:


We’ve had our black bin emptied but not the recycling bin or food one, Brockley Rise.

Big thumbs up to the Dustmen, Ours was emptied today :Normally emptied on a Tuesday.

Pity the Roadsweepers cant throw a bit of salt/grit down on some of the pavements they are lethal in places.


Are you normally a Tuesday or Wednesday collection on Brockley Rise?

Wednesday morning for us normally, so effectively the black bin done the right day, a bit later and I guess the other 2 will be tomorrow or Friday.

That’s strange as the council tweet posted above says they were focusing on the Wednesday collections today and then doing what they could from the missed collections from previous days. Our green recycling bin was collected first although later than normal followed by the black general waste bin quite a bit later which is the normal sequence for us. Although we don’t have brown garden waste or grey food waste bins I know they are usually the earliest of all the collections - often well before 7am as they often wake me up when I’ve had the bedroom window open!! Hope your other bins get collected before the end of the week.

Yes not sure but I’m not complaining, as I said above they have been out all pandemic and yesterday and this morning some pavements were pretty slippy which isn’t great dragging heavy bins around I imagine!

We are on the busy bit if Brockley Rise and also collections are not normally before 7am so I wonder if they don’t collect later in the day when the traffic is busier.

Recycling bin collected this morning, just the food one to go.

Today’s update on Twitter from Lewisham Council:

I see my neighbours food bins are still by their wall exactly as they were yesterday so it does seem that the garden and food waste bins which I think are collected together are the ones that have been left at the moment. I can understand leaving the garden waste but I would have thought the food waste was important although with the outside temperature I suppose nothing in them is getting smelly as it would in warmer temperatures!


My food bin was the only one taken yesterday and the green and black bin was left.