Possible community money from the mayor


Can anyone make use of this possible community money?
Want to do something good for your neighbourhood but not sure what? Got a brilliant idea for a project that would make a real difference in your community?

Whether it’s a community kitchen or a creative workspace, Crowdfund London grants money to Londoners to make their local areas even better. Pitch us your idea and you could get up to £50,000 to bring it to life.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Take the first step and attend a workshop near you to learn more, then start planning your project.

Step 2: Pitch your idea on the crowdfunding website Spacehive, and we’ll pick the best ideas to pledge funding to.

Step 3: Hit your crowdfunding target and make your idea happen.

We’re hosting five events across London to show you how to bring your idea to life.

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur or expert – sign up to a free Crowdfund London workshop and take the first step to crowdfund your idea.

Last year we helped out 26 Londoners with their people-powered ideas to improve their local areas. From a Community Hub and Café in Tottenham, to cleaning up green spaces in Lambeth, ideas became reality because Londoners came to workshops just like these. Now it’s your turn.

Thanks and get pitching!

Sadiq Khan,

Mayor of London

PS: Want to find out more about Crowdfund London? Take a look at this extra info and register your interest for news and updates.