Possible rail changes on July 4th

This hasn’t been confirmed by Southern or London Overground, but it appears that from Saturday 4th July, with the reopening of pubs and restaurants that they’re going to attempt to reintroduce a normal service.

Southern: 2 trains per hour to Victoria reintroduced, 4 trains per hour to London Bridge (currently two). Normal peak service on weekdays from July 6th, which means that the current East Croydon through service reverts to off-peak.

London Overground: A full service of 8 trains per hour to Highbury & Islington, 4 to Crystal Palace and West Croydon.

These changes haven’t been confirmed as when there was a plan to bring back a more regular service on the Overground, this was cancelled due to social distancing measures at New Cross Depot. Hopefully this may have been resolved?


This will make a huge difference to me if its true as I currently avoid the overground due to the Canada water interchange whenever possible and always get the southern service coming home from work. because of the time I finish I usually just miss a coulston Town train and have to wait 25 minutes for the next one.
It’d be lovely to have that wait shortened at the end of a long day

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London Overground are already doing full 4tph to West Croydon and 4tph to Crystal Palace. Have done for a couple weeks. It’s just New Cross they’re still not serving.

Having seen the official announcement from Southern this afternoon I rechecked a journey I was planning on doing next week which would have used the London Bridge - Victoria service between Forest Hill and Clapham Junction. Disappointed to see it seems they’ve only reintroduced the service from London Bridge - Crystal Palace! :unamused:

Although at least for those of you travelling into London it gives 2 extra trains per hour to and from London Bridge.



So they’re reverting to what Southern did at the beginning of the lockdown by providing the Crystal Palace shuttles, yet still no Victoria service since March.

I’ve had a proper look a the timetable now. From Monday they’re running additional peak services to Crystal Palace or Streatham Hill only and 4tph to London Bridge.

Coulsdon Town services are remaining during the peaks, so you can still travel direct to East Croydon.

No change to Saturday and Sunday still sees a regular 4tph service to London Bridge.

It appears so! :slightly_frowning_face:
This time last week National Rail Enquiries were showing thru services from Forest Hill to Clapham Junction starting on 4th July and then Monday - Saturday from 6th July. As I thought it was strange that a) the timetable would change on the 4th and b) the Victoria service that stops at Clapham Junction hasn’t been operating for months I queried it with Southern who advised these services were expected to operate. So having seen the Southern tweet this afternoon about the new timetables from 6th July I wasn’t amused to find the details have changed from what was originally planned as it now means I’ve got 2 changes to get to my final destination in Hampshire whether I go via Crystal Palace and Clapham Junction or via Canada Water and Waterloo when I’m trying to use as little public transport as possible.

Once again though there’s mixed messages from the government. On one hand from Saturday we’re allowed to travel any distance within England, stay overnight away from our normal residence, stay in hotels or with another household yet we’re still being told to continue to avoid public transport!

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