Postal delays

Anyone else on Honor Oak Road missing post deliveries? We haven’t had any post since last Wednesday, although we know that there are first class items that should have come at the end of the week.

I’m off Kirkdale and I’ve had nothing either!

I’m in Garthorne Road and haven’t had anything for a few days. It may be some posties are having to isolate? Last year the post was very poor in the run up to Christmas. I ended up going to the Forest Hill sorting office to pick stuff up (only to find that postal deliveries recommenced next day!)

I did read elsewhere (and no idea how true the statement was) that quite a few people were off or isolating with COVID which I guess will affect deliveries.

Was wondering the same thing. Upper Kirkdale Road and nothing either. I would pick up from the sorting office if I could but not even received a card to help.

Thorpewood Ave hasn’t had any post deliveries since Monday 29th October. I have important legal papers in the delayed post. Have sent an email for information on website about delayed post. Have today tried to book a parcel collection, where the information was that no collections available due to staff shortage due to covid. Would be nice if this information was available for the post deliveries customers, nothing online when I sent an email to them today. Come on Royal Mail I know things are difficult but you could at least give your customers information. I am unable to collect from Forest Hill Sorting Office as disabled

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Can you just pick post up from the sorting office without a card (but taking ID)?

I did last year - I think I took passport and proof of address and I was able to pickup - I didn’t have a card. I recall I went early doors just after 8am.

Thanks, I might try that. Though obviously not an answer for KimD.

I asked about the “Christmas Posties” and was told that no temporary staff had been recruited this year, remember the Royal mail is being fattened up for sale. This coupled with at least 26 staff off either isolating or +ve tested, and you have your answer.

Do you know something we don’t? It’s a public company and the govt sold the last of it’s holding in 2015.


Same problem. Last delivery was Mon 29th. Now 8 days without mail!

Spoke to a postman delivering parcels in Royal Mail van this morning.
In Forest Hill area 9 posties are off with covid, leaving only 8 working at present. Management have told them to deliver parcels only, apparently there is piles of post waiting for delivery & no date to start deliveries again.
Does make me wonder what is happening with post box collection & is this also in piles at the sorting office. As lateral flow tests & PCR test are usually delivered with letterbox post, what is happening to these deliveries. With so many affected with covid may be collecting your post from the sorting office is not such a good idea especially for those who are vulnerable & at greater risk of getting very unwell from covid

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I remember now it was the same issue last year - parcel delivery only.

I understand the problem / issue, but a little surprised their is no communication about this (at least that I have seen) advising that non-parcel post could well be severely held up due to COVID, need to isolate etc. Went on the post office website and it has the last posting dates for Christmas, but no recent news that I could see.

So are the working ones still doing their normal routes? I’m still getting letter post more or less daily so assuming so.

It would seem so as like you we seem to have been getting post most days and I’m the other side of Forest Hill from you!

Our lovely local postie, Sid, was back on his round today having recovered from Covid-19. He confirmed that there are a lot of staff isolating at the moment.


My friend & her family live in Bellingham. They have had problems with receiving post for months now, & have gone to the sorting office on numerous occasions to collect their post. So yes, you can go without a card.

On the other hand, we have such a good & reliable postman, who I have seen delivering post on the road running alongside Sainsbury’s (sorry forgot the name of the road :sweat_smile:) that if there is any post to be delivered we get it promptly.
So I don’t know what has happened.
He is the short guy always wearing knee length shorts in all weathers & very pleasant.

Could he be Simon? Simon used to deliver to Upper Kirkdale but they moved him to a different route some years ago. He was really nice and very good.

I moved house recently and paid £60 for the Royal Mail redirection service. It hasn’t worked.

I don’t know his name, but as you say he is always very cheerful come what may, & I also say hello to him whenever I see him.
He isn’t young, so wonder how long he will keep going, especially wearing those knee length shorts (even when it snowed :sweat_smile:) although maybe it’s the walking he does that keeps him healthy!