There were some recent posts on here with pictures of members of this website standing besides SE23.life posters in the street. Unfortunately these images were quickly posted onto fixmystreet.com with a complaint about fly-posting.

I don’t want this site to appear brazen against the council/residents and so I have removed the posts and my friends and I will take down the posters from the street. I believe Forest Hill has already been cleared of the posters I put up last night.

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The one in the “Welcome to Forest Hill” signage is certainly allowed, as are all posters in shop windows :slight_smile:

Please can someone drop a few more to me so we can get them in more shop windows!


To add my contribution to this matter…

This morning a reply was posted on a topic in this forum regarding, what was maybe with hindsight, an over enthusiastic advertising campaign for this community forum. Last night myself, and a couple of others put up some posters (unobtrusively with string) around the local area. The idea of this was to promote what is a rapidly growing, and very open and friendly community forum.

Sadly a local resident felt this was vandalism, and offensive, and subsequently reported this via Fix My Street. The subsequent reply posted on this forum was a little threatening and offensive in itself (at least to me), however, with the concerns taken seriously (not the threats) the posters were immediately removed from around Forest Hill by myself, and the report on Fix My Street was updated.

I have taken the decision to self report myself for this act to the local authorities, and of course apologise for my actions.

The fact that this forum was used to highlight an issue, be discussed on other local forums, and provoke not only corrective action, but also discussion on the matter, just goes to show that this is a forum which cares, listens, and considers it’s actions properly. True community interaction, regardless of whois raising the issue, and in what manner it is presented in.

So thank you to the user who raised the issue, and rest assured many lessons of all kinds have been learned here. I hope you stick around as the forum continues to grow and thrive.


I can pop up with a few in a bit @Pauline
Have you got your “I can verify you” one yet?

No, so if you can bring that too, that will be great :slight_smile:

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Thanks @anon64893700. I have to say it was me that put the majority of posters up. I’ve posted apologies to the authorities too, and extend those to anyone troubled by the posters - I have been over-enthusiastic about advertising this site. Which was stupid in hindsight given another thread I saw posted here about fly tipping recently.

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Worth an email to Michael, the SNT head for FH. Very nice man and a great team with him.

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I’ll drop Michael an email now :slight_smile:

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I can get you one of these this evening if you’re around?

No harm done in reality Chris, just a few feathers ruffled. Community spoke, we listened. That’s how it is supposed to work I believe. Accountable, responsible, what more could people ask for :slight_smile:

As for your enthusiasm, it’s admirable mate, don’t ever apologise for that!


On my way up now @Pauline
Save yourself @anon5422159, you are prey now, you need all the energy you can muster up lol

I am at work. Wish I could be in FH right now :confounded:

@Londondrz I’ve emailed Michael (Hill) now & Cc’d @anon5422159 :slight_smile:

Well get on with your work then!

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See you in a mo @anon64893700 :joy::joy::joy:

Doh, just realised that @anon5422159 has the verification one with him, I only have the normal. See you in a bit all the same.

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@anon5422159 if you can slip the poster in the side of my door this evening that would be great, and I’ll get it in my window first thing tomorrow morning :slight_smile:

Will do. Thanks @pauline

Thanks @anon65350507! I’ll drop one to you tonight

@pauline how about the town centre notice board, so much better than attaching things to lampposts?
I think it would be good to allow any local forum some publicity on the traders’ notice board.