Power Cut?

Does anyone else in se23 area Sunderland road have power cut

Not here, and we’re about halfway down.

I’m on Sunderland Rd and have power. It doesn’t look like we’ve lost power at any stage either.

On non S Circular part of Sunderland Road here. Power is fine and doesn’t seem like anything has reset so I’m guessing there wasn’t any overnight drop for us either.

I just checked U.K. Power Networks as well. Nothing showing up on Sunderland Road. Although I’m not sure how quickly the site is updated with reports/issues.

Might be worth calling your electricity supplier or reporting it via the U.K. Power Networks website.


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Definitely had a power cut this time for 1-2 minutes about quarter of an hour ago. UK Power Networks indicate it took place over a wide area around Perry Vale but I can only speak for Sunderland Road - certainly all the wifi routers in range went down.

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Same on Church Rise

After the power cut in the area this morning it was shown on the UK Power Networks website very quickly!

I had a power cut in Hurstbourne Road.

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Also had it here.

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Also Devonshire road Thursday 28th Oct at around 12.15

Church Vale as well, although only for about 30 seconds but long enough to knock off the broadband and have to reset timers.

Another one now Sunday 31st Oct at 16.00

Yep. Sunderland Road as well. Came back on 30 seconds or so later.

Church Vale out again, been 5 minutes or so and not back on yet.

Same here, out for about 30 secs and back on again now.

Still out on Devonshire road. Uk power networks indicates it’s covering a wide area:

Looks like it’s going to be a while.

From the text service:

As of 16:13 here is a summary of the issue - We became aware of the fault at 15:58. The cause is a fault with an underground cable in the SE23 area. The current status of the issue is that we’re aware of the issue with your electricity and will assign an engineer to work on it as soon as possible, it is a priority for us to give you a timeframe for your power to be back on. As soon as this is available, we’ll let you know. We’ll be in touch when we have more information.

And a couple of minutes later:
Update at 16:16 - Our engineers are on their way. At this point we think the issue is an underground cable fault that initially interrupted power to 2248 properties. However, by rerouting electricity in the area, currently 934 customers are still affected. Using an average timescale, we’re estimating power will be on between 17:30 and 18:30, but this may change later.


And it’s back