Power outage this morning

Did anyone else experience a power outage this morning? Around 7 am, first there were two hiccups of power, and then there was an outage for a good 2-3 minutes.


Yep, just before 0700.

Yep our Wifi went off and the tell tell signs of clocks needing time reset

We had a outage at around that time but it seemed to just go off and on again very quickly…
Maybe someone was just rebooting SE23!


Ditto here. On the plus side it seems to have fixed my smart meter that hasn’t been working for months!!


It stopped me dawdling around, knowing I had a train to catch. Switched on my iPhone torch and legged it out of the house at 6.50am to the station - where I watched even the high street lights going out. Spooky apocalypse lol! Then came home tonight to find every room blazing in lights, because they’d all come back on while I was out!


Sorry late to reply…our power flickered, then went out for about 3-4 mins. Further down the road, (Gordonbrock School) even Catford had no electricity for 2 hours! The kids that go to Gordonbrock had a day off! :blush:

I’m old enough to remember when we called them power cuts.