Practicality of electric cars in SE23?

I should be able to supercharge enroute when on long journeys. For short journeys (mostly Bell Green) I’ll be able to charge in the car park there. If this doesn’t work I may run a cable (with trip guard) out from the house to the car. Our neighbours in NW3 did this and didn’t seem to be a problem.

Our next car will probably be electric and we’re planning to get a power point installed in the drive.

bell green probably wont give enough charge in a short time to the model 3 and having worked in Amsterdam this week where you have to queue for a supercharger its turning out more challenging than whats marketed.

the trip guard is an option if you can guarantee parking outside your house

the council could be lobbied to get one or two spots locally which would help the local businesses as well however their doesnt seem to be a great solution for London yet.

btw - my model 3 is on order :wink:

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You don’t even need to go as far as Bell Green, apparently there’s 3 charge points at the car park at the Forest Hill Salisbury’s!

Here’s a handy map of all the publicly available charge points across the country - there’s actually quite a lot more than I would have expected;


yes, but the issue we have is a general lack of off street parking which makes having an electric vehicle and relying on local infrastructure difficult as sainsburys in forest hill only allows 3hours of parking which is fair but that would only give you the equivalent of a 1/3 of a tank meaning that usage levels would be very high.

rambling on the move however hopefully it makes sense


For those with Teslas (or considering buying one), the nearest Supercharger to SE23 is a 6.5 mile drive to Tower Hill (Tower Hotel).

There are “Destination chargers” closer (grey pins). These are usually attached to hotels, and usually are reserved for hotel guests, but some are public access.

For me in Tunbridge Wells, my nearest Supercharger is a 22 mile drive to Maidstone, and this has been a pain as it’s not a direction I’d normally want to drive.

At a Supercharger, the first 50% of the charge is complete in under 20 mins, and for my car (Model S 90D) that’s good for 100+ miles. The charge rate does slow down as you approach 100% though.

Teslas made after 2017 are subject to a fee for Supercharging. This is roughly £20 for a full charge, depending on the size of your battery.

I bought a 2016 model. Older cars have free Supercharging for life (the offer stays with the car when sold on)

All Manufacturers

Other electric car chargers are available closer to (and in) Forest Hill and are available to cars from all manufacturers, but these generally charge for access and are lower power than Superchargers so will take significant time to charge your car:

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I could run a cable to an electric car in my drive. I have seen charging points located in roads.

Is it this easy? Do you need to upgrade your house’s electrics? How long does charging take this way?

I’ve been looking at a couple of options recently with the bigger 64kWh batteries to get the range I want - they generally quote in excess of 24hrs to get from 0 to 80% charge on a 3 pin plug - no upgrade required, should be just like running an extra kettle all day.

Charhe time drops to under 10hrs if you have a 7.2kW home charger.

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Sounds promising:

ULEZ comes to Lewisham and Forest Hill in less than 20 months. Highly unlikely we’ll even see a charging point in every ward by then.

Has anyone tried any of the electric car subscription services like Elmo or Onto locally? We are very keen to try them out but wondering if it’s practical to get one if we only have access to on street parking and charge only at public charging points.

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Looks pricey to me, you could own a Tesla model 3 for similar money per month.

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This is true. But we are just testing the waters. We haven’t found the need for a car in London in the 7 years we’ve lived here. But Covid/lockdowns this year are making me rethink this. I am still hopeful that once things settle down post vaccine, we can go back to public transport for the most part.

Subscription services are a good short term solution and maybe also a way of figuring out how much use we might get out of a car and what type/model will suit our family if we do decide to buy one eventually.


It’s definitely a good way to see what car would suit you and whether the charging network is viable.
Unfortunately for me I have no way of charging from my home to keep costs down and would have to rely on street charging networks.

I didn’t notice if there was a minimum subscription term or a final payment if you want to end early.

We have the same issue with not being able to charge from our house. But considering we will only use the car for weekend jaunts within the city and Kent for the most part, maybe this is not a deal breaker. As far as I understand you get on a rolling monthly contract and can cancel with 28 days notice. I don’t think there is a termination fee.

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