Prince of Wales - calling “Time” too?


Can reports of the sale of the PoW be accurate ? Possibly after a long time on the market ?

Is this another candidate for community interest ?

I think it would be difficult to argue that this pub has community value. But it is always a shame to lose a pub. I lived virtually next door in my 20s and hardly ever went into that pub. Slightly different from All Inn One or Dartmouth Arms or Capitol or Honor Oak or Chandos or Bird in Hand. Most of these actually have protection because they are in a conservation area.

Always sorry for people to lose jobs. However; I must admit that cycling past it on my way to the retail park, it looks very tired and not the most enterprising of pubs.

Do feel parts of London Road and retail outlets on Stansted Road looking tired. Would love a small supermarket on the corner of Brockley Rise facing Cranston Road.


I noticed lots of work taking place at the POW. Completely surrounded by chipboard. Any clue what’s happening?

I was wondering what was going on. Maybe making alterations to accommodate social distancing?