Prince of Wales closed update (it’s open again)

Are the Covid beaches the ones people flocked to earlier in the pandemic ?


Perhaps it was caused by an Easter egg left by this site’s former owner

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Of course, and Brexit no doubt!

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Haha - whoops, I think it was a typo in the copy editing.

I fixed the title now (previously it read Covid beaches :beach_umbrella: ).


They’ve barely been open. They open up for one night, there is coincidentally a lot of to-ing and fro-ing of traffic, people being dropped off etc which may be to do with PoW or may be to do with something else? And then they close a day later. It’s happened like that a couple of times now. V odd.

Much activity from builders today. Looks like they are refurbishing. anyone know if there are plans for the Prince of Wales to open again?

They refurbished last year, I thought but then never reopened after the January lockdown. Interesting if they are refurbishing again.

It’s open again.

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