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Hello, apologies in advance if this is a duplicate post. Where is recommended for simple B&W A4 printing in Forest Hill (near the station) to get some return slips printed for lockdown online shopping! First post on here, thanks so much x

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Hi welcome to the forum. There is a huge wiki full of recommendations here yet there doesn’t seem to be one for basic printing. I know there’s the Internet cafe next to the Capitol but I’ve not used it to be able to recommend. It’s right near the station and it says ‘Printing’ on the sign out front.

If you do find something, let us know and we’ll update the wiki.


Not FH but not far away, Snappy Snaps near Sydenham station is able to print and copy pretty much anything.


Thank you so much - I went here and managed to get it all sorted.

Printing per A4 sheet was 40p and all I had to do was email the documents to them which I did in store. It was v quick.


Great. As a side note - someone recommended this to me

You can email them a doc and they’ll print and mail it for you. Minimum £5 ‘top up’ but only 68p for a 10g letter 1st class.

Obviously better for me to be recommending local businesses but with lockdown around the corner or for those with mobility issues, this sounds like a good option.


Hi, I’ve searched the web (and looked at the Wiki), but can’t seem to find a solution to my problem. I need to have a fairly long document (A4 colour) printed, but my office is closed. Does anyone know of a reliable local service offering this kind of thing? Many thanks.

Some retailers offer return service via Hermes, who met you print labels off in partner stores.
John Lewis for example and you can return via coop stores too.