Problem accessing site

I first noticed this on Friday. When I’m trying to open I’m either unable to (Chrome) or only getting parts of the page (IE). I should add this only happens on my work laptop so maybe a localised issue. But even then perhaps someone can think of the right fix if there is one.

Internet Explorer

The page appears but some buttons (see around profile pic) don’t appear. They are “there” but the icons do not show. Also the number of topics is limited. Once read, there are no topics visible.


The page won’t load at all other than the address which appears in the address bar.

Sorry for the issues Starman - it’s a busy day at work at the moment but I will try to find some time today to take a look.

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There’s no rush Chris. In your own time and it may be an issue unique to our gateway.

Try checking your MTU setting. This could be on your router and/or your laptop (network adapter).

Am using Chrome on a laptop and the site looks fine.

Not sure what an MTU setting is.

This happens whether I am logged either at work or remotely, as well as connected through my home wifi.

Maximum Transmission Unit:

There is a guide for finding a good setting here:

Sounds like it is your WiFi adapter that may need this tweaking (if this is the issue). Look in settings, network properties.

I think we could be facing a JavaScript exception actually. Possibly originating in the events plugin…

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I missed most of that as it flew quickly over my head. If it’s helpful this issue was first noticed in the workplace when the laptop was connected to our systems via LAN.

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The IE issue I have seen similar previously in that various page elements would not load but that was related to group policy settings being too restrictive on Domain Joined PCs. Is this a company laptop that you take home??

Chrome - try clearing cookies.

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IE is an issue for us. It is now unsupported, but we retain it because a few of our systems only work through it. Not ideal.

Chrome. I cleared cookies and cache. Restarted for good measure. Opened and came to the page with the newer banner and a list of the topics. I had to log on (took a few attempts to remember my password) and back to the issue I described in the OP. The site address appears in my address bar but nothing else.

I suspect that your work has added some restrictions via policy that are having some odd effects so whatever you do may be futile. However other things to try
Try incognito mode
Try disabling any chrome addons
Reset Chrome

You could also invoking dev tools or try looking at the page source (right click - view page source) to see if the page is actually loading at all. If the page is fully loaded it should end with


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Further to Nick’s good advice, try browsing to the following:

and then click “Enter safe mode”

This disables plug-ins and may fix the issue you’re seeing.

Note that old versions of IE eg 10 or earlier, are not supported by our forum software, as far as I know.

I think that might be the case. For instance incognito mode and access to developer tools are not available to me. Probably require admin to do this and I’m not certain I could convince them that access to this site is crucial for my work.

Entered safe mode but it didn’t work. We use IE 11.

Thanks for trying. As I thought it’s probably a local issue.

But there are so many Canadians in SE23.

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I’m leaving the obvious anti-Canadian sentiments to #general-politics :wink:

Or Fight Club.

I’m having what I think is the same problem. It started within the last few days. I can only see the most recent posts on my home desktop (Windows 10, IE 11). And I don’t know how to ‘browse to’ as Chris suggests. No problems on my Samsung smartphone, but I don’t use that to post very often

@starman and @robin.orton - I believe I’ve found the problem and have reported it to the developer responsible.

I’d prefer it’s fixed by him as he knows the code best, but if the fix doesn’t come soon I’ll do it myself. Thanks for hanging in there.

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@starman, @robin.orton there’s now a fix in place. Could you hit the refresh button in Internet Explorer and let me know if it worked, please?

Regarding Chrome, is anyone else experiencing similar problems? I’m struggling to reproduce the problem so far.

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