Problem with the boiler

Please help. I live in forest hill, in the same flat for the last 5 years ,renting from a big local real estate agent. £1300 each month 28th ,direct debit,never missed a payment.Plenty of issues with the house during this time,usually it takes a lot of begging and nagging for the agency to sort them out,whenever they want…On Saturday our boiler went limp,stopped working.British Gas came,saw and they said that the spare part needed,will arrive on the 10th of November …That’s too long…What makes it worse is the fact that I HAVE A 3 MONTHS OLD BABY in the house,British Gas,agency and everyone else involved,don’t seem to care…What can I do,any suggestions please…

Not sure if this helps.

I’ve had landlords put me in hotel accommodation in the past when the heating has broken as the property is uninhabitable in winter. Maybe I just had a nice landlord though. I’d explore your rights as a Tennant though especially with a child


Can you source the spare part yourself?

Ask the landlord to pay for a couple of electric heaters and an extra kettle. A 3 month old should be fine. I’m speaking from experience we survived 2 weeks with 2 small children with no boiler in the depths of last winter. A portable heater is very good at heating a single room.

I showered at work and my wife asked to use the neighbours shower.

The landlord I’m guessing there’s not much more they can do. They called out the engineers and this was their solution. It’s unfortunate but I’m sure you will be fine.

I found it online,it’s a PCB …I could go in Wembley or Illford and get it myself.Dont understand why British Gas needs 12 days to find it…

You are lucky,I rent from an agency,I don’t think I need to go through all this hustle,especially with a little baby in the flat.

4th day without heating and noone has provided any heaters.

I would go back to British Gas and explain to them that the part they need is available in the locations you mention, and that the temperature in the flat is freezing with a tiny baby - essentially plead with them to go to some additional lengths to get the part you need and install it as soon as possible. Might be worth trying the same approach with the landlord. I’d have thought something out to be possible to do. Escalate the matter with British Gas, so ensure you are speaking with the most senior call centre person possible.

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Agreed, best course of action. We had this with our first child when the boiler broke Friday night. Visit went from availability the next Tuesday to next day when we mentioned the baby. Which was odd as we were told they didn’t work on Saturday. Still, they turned up, fixed the boiler and we were happy.