Problems with any bus route that passes Horniman and traffic delays

The emergency repair to the water main on the South Circular from Monday didn’t hold back the flood. There are now bigger emergency works and the road is closed from Grove Vale to Wood Vale (Sydenham Hill is last exit if you are coming up from FH). Walking home from the Plough, it looks like the other regular leak at the bottom of Underhill might be kicking in as quite a bit of water coming down there.

Check TFL for bus diversions as each route is different but it seems little beyond the Plough until after Honor Oak Road.

Not sure how long it will be necessary. There’s an emergency water outlet at the Grove pumping water onto the street, lots of cones, two Thames Water vans and a couple of guys with big stopcock keys (the real name escapes me). They weren’t sure on the diversion timings.


Yeah I was a bit surprised to see a 185 on Forest Hill Road by the Old Camberwell Cemetery while cycling home. I guessed something was up!

Traffic is backed up approaching all exits from the Tewkesbury Lodge Estate this morning - Westwood Park, Canonbie etc

Yes - Road still closed. Somewhat alarmed today by cars coming down Sydenham Hill and then making a right turn onto London Road (road layout doesn’t allow it) while the green filter was allowing cars coming out of Wood Vale to turn right up the hill. They look quite surprised :flushed:

TW are saying they fixed the leak and are now working on resurfacing. There was a truck there earlier so fingers crossed it will open later today :crossed_fingers:t3:

Still closed 5:30 pm.

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I’ve just walked past and not entirely sure whether the road is open or not for cars. The ‘Road Closed’ and diversion signs are still at the Grove but someone (official or not?) has moved the plastic barriers and cars (and an out of service bus) are coming up the hill. However, the Underhill junction still has some large metal fencing on it.

If it is open, it’s only up the hill - and as the buses are all still diverted both ways, I’m assuming it’s not officially so. Or is there a policy that buses have to be diverted in both directions?

Monday night my friend who lives in Boveney Road heard a loud constant horn…when she looked out it was a 185 that had come off of Devonshire Road & was negotiating the corner but all the parked cars were in the way & had to be moved!

Still closed at 9pm Weds evening. It took 1 hour this morning to go from Forest Hill Station to the Plough. Lovely.

Yes - I had no idea about the diversion this morning . Got on at 7.30- my usual 45 min journey took 1.45 hours ! Maybe I need to brave the tube tomorrow :thinking:

Considering the traffic was bad this morning, it may be better to walk between Forest Hill and Dulwich Library to get the bus instead.

It appears the road may be closed until Friday.

Yes - just saw that the permit is til Friday evening.

I walked across to Sydenham Hill this morning and caught train into Victoria. It was a bit muddy though :hiking_boot:

There were some discussions on EDF that not all the buses were following the diversion to Barry Road and went via East Dulwich Road.

For those caught up in the bus diversion, was traffic equally bad once buses reached Plough or did it speed up again from there? And how busy were they?

TfL are now saying buses are on diversion until Sunday evening.

Blockquote LORDSHIP LANE, SE22: Routes 176 185 and 197 are diverted until 2000 Sunday 10 February via Barry Road, Peckham Rye, Forest Hill Road and Honor Oak Road due to emergency waterworks on Lordship Lane, and buses are unable to serve stops between Dulwich Library and Horniman Museum.

Your step count certainly improves when you are the epicentre of traffic chaos and have to walk 3-5 stops (destination dependent) to get anywhere :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

On a more serious note, it does make you appreciate our usual bus service and personal health.


Is P4 also on diversion until Sunday? Is it possible to check what the diverted route is and which bus stops will be skipped?

On Monday the 176 turned left near Dulwich Library, went to Peckham Rye and came back up Wood Vale.
A very long diversion!

Yes, the P4 is also on diversion until Sunday evening as well. The diversions seems to be one big free for all for the drivers. I managed to get a P4 today in Dulwich Common, that then down to Goose Green, up East Dulwich Road, Peckham Rye, straight up Forest Hill Road to Honor Oak Park instead of going to Wood Vale to serve Hornimans and Honor Oak Road towards Lewisham.

The return journey to Brixton after Honor Oak Park goes down Forest Hill Road, Peckham Rye, Barry Road, Lordship Lane then Dulwich Common.

I also saw a 176 to Penge head towards Peckham!


Bus driver on the 176 said it is going to be for the next 8 weeks. All the tfl site is renewed on a weekly basis. No way that equipment will all be gone by Sunday…

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I think I preferred it when Dartmouth Road was closed.

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It does all feel like a magical mystery tour right now.

The planned works kick in from 16th and they should’nt feel quite as bad. I believe the plan is to close sections as they go so we might only have to walk past 1-2 bus stops rather than the current 3-5! If I was a conspiracy theorist, I think they’ve caused this week of pain to make the next 8 more palatable :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I was on a 176 to Penge last night. Curiously we turned left when we got to Peckham Rye. We went down until the end of the common and turned round and came back. Eventually, we turned right into Honor Oak Road, leaving out Horniman Museum bus stop.

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