Property Management Companies

Hi All,
I wonder if anyone here has any recommendations for Property Management Companies? I live in a property of 9 Shared Leaseholder Flats, 7 of these are rented out, I live in mine.

The company that we currently use are proving to be totally unsatisfactory and I am wanting to start the process of looking for a new one. All feedback that I have had so far from friends and family concerns companies not to use, its all a bit depressing really.

Any thoughts would be gratefully received.

Many thanks

I am using Alexandre Boyes 48 Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells TN4 8AU 01892 574880 Keren Dolan and find them to be excellent.

Have you thought about self-management? After a succession of unsatisfactory management companies, we decided( where I previously lived) to manage ourselves, and for the first time in many years, things actually got done.

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We set up a Ltd Company and ran our own mgnt company. Easy to do and it meant we got things done. It helped that we all got on really well.


Thanks, Blue, will certainly looked into them!!

Thanks, Topofthehill. The property was run by the leaseholders previously and really didn’t work out well for many reasons, I don’t think any of the directors want to go down that route again…

Thanks Londonrz, unfortunately relationships between directors are rather strained at the moment, so this option probably won’t work…

A great pity. We conducted our board meetings over Sunday lunch and wine. The wine helped.

Londondrz, that sounds like the sort of meeting I could fully get behind, ours have descended into animosity and suspicion (despite my best efforts!!)


We use a company called Ringley of whom I wouldn’t give a glowing review too; but having experienced a few management companies, they have been the best of a bad bunch.

Also, avoid a company called Urang like the plague! Absolute worst management company!

Thanks jdj1907. This is the issue isn’t it, so many people have had really bad experiences, but all this information certainly helps!

You have to be very pro-active with managing agents. We were told by one company that our property consisting of 22 flats and maisonettes was unmanageagle and should be pulled down and rebuilt! After four or five years of self-management, 5 or 6 flats and maisonettes sold for the asking prices or very close to it - around the £350 - £375k mark, and that was several years ago. I was a director and had to monitor and chase everything they did, or didn’t do, which is why we chose to manage the property ourselves.

Our block is managed by a group called Caxtons, who I understand have been quite proactive since taking over from the previous agents last year. They’ve certainly been very responsive to any queries I’ve raised and have been good at communicating changes and plans.

Thanks Topofthehill, its difficult enough to get the fellow directors to attend meetings, no one wants to manage it themselves. I’m just going to keep plugging away reminding them all what incredible potential the property has!

Thanks Nomis, I will certainly take a look into Caxtons.

We use Hindwoods - recommended.