Proposed 6x 1-bed 1-person units above The Hill at 45-47 Dartmouth Road



See application

6x 1-person units smacks of a hostel for people who the council find difficulty housing elsewhere to me. (I say that having had first-hand experience of more than 1 similar instances nearby).


At least there will be more housing for those people then rather than being stuck in a system or left with no where to live.


I was brought up in the most slummy half-way homes that most people couldn’t even imagine so please don’t bang on to me about the system failing vulnerable people. I know the problems but there needs to be some balance.

My aversion to the prospect of another hostel on Dartmouth Road is because of the impact that the existing ones already have on a relatively small shopping area & neighbourhood; and 6 more challenged people potentially walking aimlessly around the town every day and playing loud music in their flats at night is far from ideal.


Bloody nice layouts for a hostel then.

The biggest shortage in London is (I think) one bedroom properties. Development hasn’t kept pace which changing demographics such as one-person households. I wouldn’t rule out private sale or build to rent markets yet.


I thought the same about the layout of the flats but it was the wording (one person units) that kinda worried me.

I hope you’re right.