Proposed Development: 72 Cranston

We would like to let you know about a proposed development at 72 Cranston Road. The deadline for responding is Tuesday, 16 March so not much time!

The applicant is looking for planning permission to:

  • Split a family home into two flats
  • Extend the property by 8m into the back garden
  • Build a large, unconventional, 2 storey building in the back garden

Here is the link to the planning application:

We are one of the neighbouring properties and are concerned for the following reasons:

  • Conversion from a family home into 2 flats
  • Overdevelopment of the site
  • Impact of the outbuilding on properties on Cranston, Loxton, Colfe and Como roads.
  • Size of the extension into the garden
  • Alterations to the front elevation including two front doors
  • Car parking (it’s already an issue on this road)
  • Not being in character with the other homes in this terrace
  • Potential for it to be used as an unlicensed HMO
  • Use of the self-build exception

If you live within the area, please take a look at the planning documents and respond ASAP.

What a bizarre proposal - split and extend a 3-bedroom house to create two flats and build a whacking great 2-storey annex in the garden to provide extra space for the ground floor flat, to make up for the space it lost by converting the house into two flats.

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Seems strange alright!