Proposed Development on Duncombe Hill Green



It’s printed on the Lilypad board that is at the back, where they are digging.


We live on duncombe Hill and my husband stopped to talk to the builders this week and the owener of the houses was there so they chatted. The grass area being sold isnt even the entire grass area just a portion of it and isnt owned by the council - its private. However there are tree protection orders on all 7 of the trees so i dont know who would be interested in buying it.

The area where the advertisement boarding was has come down because there was japanese knotweed there which the owner of the houses has paid to dig out and treat and he plans to use a legal process to either get the money he has paid back or he would be interested in having that potion of land before the walk way to make in to a garden for the end house.


I happened to meet someone who works at the planning department for Lewisham the other day, as I was walking past the triangle. She told me that the trees were only temporarily protected but anyone could write directly to to show support and request for the protection of the trees to become permanent.


Hello, noticed that this triangle was being fenced off today. Does anyone have any more information? Has it been sold now? It’s going to look awful :slightly_frowning_face:


I wondered whether some sort of deal had been done because the fence appeared to move a lot closer to the benches when it was rebuilt after the knotweed infestation was dealt with.


Surely a right of way has been established on this land as it’s been open to the public for more than 20 years?


The land seems to be owned by the advertising company.


It was sold in June 2018 to a property Investment company


Does anyone know the status of the tree preservation order that was placed on the trees there? Also does anyone know if there has been planning application for the fence that is going up today? I think that you have to have planning for a fence over 1m high by a road. It does look to me like the very high fence will make it very difficult for cars to safely turn out of Duncombe Hill as the road sort of curves.


There’s no record of a planning application for the fence…


Just sharing this from Facebook.



Very disappointed to see this fence erected. Shall be contacting the council re fence and trees, thanks to those for posting email addresses above.
Notes re TPO:


There’s a big conversation going on about this in the se23 mums Facebook group. Two things:

  1. The fence does not have the correct permissions due to size and proximity to main road. Enforcement officers were out this weekend looking at it.
  2. The tree preservation orders were temporary and due to expire in May. The time for public consultation has passed by there’s an email address to send comments to

Finally someone has set up a petition. I’ll dig out links tomorrow and share with this group.



Thought it was a bit strange that this fence was being erected and painted on Sunday afternoon.


Great to see locals have plastered these over the fence:


It’s all kicking off on Brockley Rise! (note that we were not involved in this action!)



I was almost knocked off my bike today by a pick-up truck taking this corner fast and wide. It’s now completely blind when turning left up Duncombe Hill.