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Hi All,
Some greedy developer has put in a planning application to build a 3 storey house on a very small patch of land that backs on to the rear of my property. I have submitted a formal objection to this on all reasonable grounds, leading with the fact that this would likely kill off our beloved tree.
We have a ~150 year old oak tree at the rear of our garden (the only mature and substantial tree visible from our street) that stands no further than 1-1.5M of where this proposed house would stand (they’ve proposed to build literally right up to our boundary!).
I wondered whether anyone had any advice on how to further block this? Keen to know how you go about getting a tree preservation order or whether this would be applicable as no one is proposing to cut it down, it would just be at great risk. Have tried Lewisham website but no help there and they don’t answer the phone.
Objections grounds currently cited other than the tree are - loss of most natural light to garden, loss of privacy as would be overlooked, over development of road / further stretch on limited parking, impact on property value, detrimental effect of building works.
Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Hi! Are you able to identify the planning application?

As a first step, that would allow people to view it and possibly add comment.

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I think you might live round the corner from us; if so this development is opposite our house. DM me with the location?

It’s proposed on St German’s Road / Park Rise - SE23 1RJ. Natalieh, I’ll DM you.

Have you tried speaking to the Tree Officer?
I think this will be more beneficial than trying the Planning Officer.
I see that the applicant has identified the tree as not having a TPO, but there’s still a significant contraint regarding the tree root protection area - especially as this proposed development has a basement.

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Yep, we’re on park Rise so we’ll be directly opposite!

Hi Natalieh

Thanks for your reply.

If you’re opposed to this would be amazing if you could also get in an objection. I guess the grounds you’d have would include detrimental noise pollution, over development of road and further restrictions
on parking (and maybe raise a concern for my tree!).

Just need to email

This is what they’re proposing….

Happy to chat on this if any questions.


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You might get help from the Ancient Tree Forum