Proud to be...

…to be born in Lewisham Hospital and live in Honor Oak Park for nearly 40 years of my life.
So proud to be SouthEast Londoner!!
I mean the History, Celebrities and beauty of such an area the list is endless. So many valid reasons to see the positives no matter what the day be like.
Thank you so much for keeping the spirit alive and sharing such passionate topics from a caring community. I do enjoy the read xx
Wishing you all a fab enjoyable evening because you all very much deserve. xx


What a lovely post. Thank you HopSE80. I love it round here too - speaking as a Yorkshire lass who came down to London for a couple of years more than 40 years ago and have no plans to return fulltime. This area has so much going for it. Including the people.


Move to FH in 2001 a few months before we got married. Bought our first flat there, children were born at Kings and brought up and educated in FH until we returned to my wife’s native Norfolk.

There are lots of things we miss and enjoy going back as often as we can.

16 years and loved most of it!


I came over from West London 14 years ago and have loved it here. I still remember being amazed at the area and how nice and quiet it was, and green! I remember looking at brochures from I guess Sebastian Roche in a long changed bar on the high street.

Children also born in Kings and have also experienced both Lewisham and Kings A&E!

I went to a school where everyone came fro all over London, so hardly any of my friends were near - I love the fact we now know so many people who live near us, often see people in the street to say hello to. I was never a fan of Halloween (it was penny for the guy in my day!) but it’s actually really nicely done here I almost look forward to it!