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Are there any pub gardens in forest hill? :slight_smile: xx

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@AllInnOne has a massive one which I’ll be enjoying this evening. :thumbsup:


The Chandos has a tiny one.
Honor Oak Tavern has a front and back garden - well more of an outside area!
Railway Tavern also has a garden and he Blythe Hill has a decent effort as well.


I had lunch at The Honor Oak yesterday. It has a huge outside area with some cool timber booths. Had their chicken burger which was delicious.

The Railway Tavern also has a huge garden. There is a raised bit of this, more of a large patio where no smoking is allowed. Smoking allowed elsewhere.

The Hill Bar and Lounge also has a small garden at the back. But as no one seems to know about it there is usually room when others have none. They even call it the Secret Garden.

Both the Dartmouth Arms and the Signal have small gardens, though the Signals is covered. I’m sure you’ve seen the one at the Sylvan Post.

Pubs / Cafes with smoke-free outdoor areas?

A bit further afield, the Bridge House has a huge pub garden - top of Lawrie Park Road, Sydenham. Actually more space outside than in.


Went for @AllInnOne in the end! Lovey to meet some of you this evening :slight_smile: x

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Good to meet you.


Watson’s General Telegraph has a big one, covered in winter. Over the Peckham Rye Park side of One Tree Hill.


With a lovely fire pit.


Dulwich woodhouse is definitely the nearest biggest and most well designed/kept space I reckons :slight_smile:


Mostly we use All Inn One, but also very much enjoy The Dolphin which has a large, quiet garden with plenty of seating.


Got a big ol list of pubs to try out now…what a shame :grimacing:


The Honor Oak also has a reasonable back garden too if the front one is busy, can often be very quiet (unless we’re there with screaming baby!). The Prince of Wales has a small outdoor patio with several benches.


There is a rather charming secret garden at the back of the Hill restaurant on Dartmouth Road, -

And the Blythe Hill has one, although it’s a bit like a bit of wasteland you it’s a good find.

The Railway Telegraph is also a nice find - as you say so many pubs to investigate.



Already said that Tom. Always late to the party. :wink:


If you go a bit further towards Peckham Rye the Herne Tavern has a massive one too.


The Watson’s General Telegraph also has a lovely outside space.


The Station Hotel in Hither Green has a great outside area.


The Dolphin, in Sydenham:;


Here’s to the sun. And here’s to sunny beer gardens. But according to the Londonist the only good beer garden in Forest Hill is the Forresters now known as the @AllInnOne