Pub to watch the rugby

I was looking forward to the England South Africa game today and I just noticed that it’s only being shown by the buggers at Sky. Rather than give Murdoch my money, I’d rather spend it in a local pub. Does anyone know who’s showing it?

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My neighbour is off to the Honor Oak - pretty sure they have it on. The Blythe Hill Tavern normally shows games but will be rammed.


thanks, I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

Though in truth, the pub has to pay Murdoch money to show the game so by giving that pub custom during a match you are by association supporting Rupert.

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Well, you can’t win can you. Anyway, it as nice to pop into the Honor Oak as I’d never been down there before :slight_smile:

And it was worth it too. Good result :rugby_football:

Well you can win if you are willing to watch illegal streams or downloads. I certainly wouldn’t recommend using Kodi, for example and I certainly wouldn’t recommend torrenting the games!
Seriously though the trouble with Sky now or any provider is that while BT sports has most premiership games you still get odd England or European games on Sky so you have to sub to both (or pub it). As I only watch rugby it seems a lot to pay to watch a game or two a week.

Anyone know which local pubs are showing the 6 Nations Rugby this weekend - Wales v England - it’s on BBC so I’m guessing some pubs with Sky Sports might also show it?

The Chandos is showing most all of the 6 Nations games…

All Inn One should be showing it.

Blythe Tavern usually shows all rugby games

As an Irish bar I have found the Blythe Hill Tavern less than conducive to England supporters during Six Nations. If you’re supporting Wales you will be their hero for the Game. Any other time it’s a blinder of a boozer.

Chandos is showing the games. If you like pizza and a pint of Gamma Ray then that yer place!

Never had any problem as an England supporter at the Blythe

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Bird in Hand will have it on or perhaps the Bricklayers Arms. Both decent boozers.

If you venture into SE22, the club house at Dulwich Hamlet FC is showing a lot of rugby and football now.
Their twitter account generally list what games they are showing.

Thanks for the responses - I’ve ended up booking at the Honor Oak to watch it. But for future reference if I had planned early enough The Signal were offering a free pitcher of beer for tables of 4 or more! Good to have a list of most of the local pubs that show 6 Nations on the forum.

Not sure if I’m picking the implication here up wrongly, but I watched the Ireland v England game this month in the BHT and didn’t sense any of the vibes that you suggest. There’s definitely a lot of Irish support, but it’s not exclusive.


On a previous visit I found some of the crowd a bit more exuberant then was comfortable. And I’ve supported England at Waxy O’Connor’s in Soho… where such support can be taking your life in your own hands. :wink:

I gather it was a one off then.

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Does anyone know which pubs are showing the rugby tomorrow? Desperate to watch somewhere!

I would imagine The Hill will have it as will the Bird. BHT normally show it as well.