Quality Homemade Face Masks

These made quality fabrics by professional artist in East Dulwich. Liberty fabrics and African Wax fabrics, Vintage 1947 Fabric & others. Cost - £6
![(upload://oxdDa7XCfeCCvQLduo7Ur9JejYW.jpeg) !(upload://eZVx0UACkt3JD7FZaeyYNVt0Amy.jpeg)

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Love em. How can we purchase ?

Hi Weepy,

I have very small stock left sales of this weekend. Expecting new stock made this week.
Added picture stock available, the material available on the right is available.Last picture corn flowers is available.
Which mask do you want or do want one made out of the fabrics available currently?

Location collection - Dulwich Plough pub on lordship Lane.



Can you tell me about their construction? Is there a pocket for a filter?

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What sort of filter would you use? Presumably some sort of disposable thing and then wash out the outer mask?

These are not mass produced, so a batch is made once a week. As care and attention to detail is taken. Purchased quality fabrics only, all completed on a sewing machine. There is fabric placed behind the mask for any one to add a filter. The elastic can be adjustable to fit your size.


If a mask is purchased and I have the filters available then add one free filter.
Filters are purchased amazon - 5 Layer Extra Protection: The PM2.5 replaceable filter is composed of 2 layers of non-woven fabric, 2 layers of melt-blown cloth and 1 layer of activated carbon cloth. 5 layer for better protection. Amazon supplied.


Should mention that this filter is disposable it can last up to 2 weeks. There plenty options online for filters. Get one free filter !
After care - Fabric Hand wash , steam ironed & leave to dry. Latest batch available.
Very important.


Hi Weepy,
Just wondered if your still interested.

Be advised today hand washing fabric is better for handmade masks. Updated this info.

I bought a couple of masks from Vanessa at the weekend.

They are great - and definitely recommend if you want to get one following the Gotv guidance.