Question for the road users

Sub category of the speed limit topic really, but just wanted to throw this out there.

What speed are you being advised you may continue your journey at, following passing the last sign in this sequence?

I have made it easier by blowing up the signs, and highlighting them.

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25 mph?

lol, Happy medium eh

Nice one. As an aside, that photo shows really well how cluttered our streets are. Do we really need quite so much street furniture?

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We dont but our nanny state dictates that we do. However there are a number of boroughs decluttering their street signage.

Nice spot anon64893700, We have a pole outside our house that was knocked squiff, had a CPZ and “School” sign on it. I reported it about six months ago. It was replaced about 3 months ago. Just the pole, no signs, nuffink!


Sounds about right to me.
As for spotting it, I am a nosey sod, it helps at times lol

I tried driving at 20mph around FH and Sydenham got tooted and someone asked me for 2 of something as he passed me or was it victory for LBC


I have some fantastic dash cam footage from last night, from the exact same spot pictured above. Passed by an unmarked emergency service vehicle, aka a white van man with flashing ambers. Passed me and the bus in front.

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Oh, I get that but they seem to be offering me coffee.

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I found myself signalling to someone at the bottom of Sunderland as I pulled out yesterday, international sign language for “1 second mate”



Tenuous link to a post I made on ID cards mentioning fingerprints it would also have the benefit of checking imposters who take driving tests on behalf of other’s, who then go on to drive white vans!!

Actually 25 would have been a much better speed - across the whole of London. Most cars can’t be driven at 20 MPH, 20 is more of a transition speed between 2nd and 3rd gears.

Does the 20 MPH also apply to bicycles?


This was 2015 so the law may have changed.#

I would suggest 60 mph on a bicycle in a busy 20 mph zone may get you into a spot of bother.

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In Lewisham’s own words, there is no intention “at this time” to enforce the speed limit for cyclist.
As for 25mph, agreed, but it wouldn’t satisfy the delicate people. Wait til 15 comes!

Does it apply to cyclists?

The speed limit is intended to make the roads safer for all road users. Although at the moment there are no speed limits for cyclists alone, people on bikes are expected to ride in a safe manner especially in shared areas. A cyclist can be prosecuted for riding with undue care.

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Whilst in the same area, and talking about cyclists, roads, and speeds…

Take a look at this and give me your thoughts on it.

Last night while driving across the roundabout at the Brockley Jack, I passed this cyclist.
When I got to the other side of the roundabout, and stopped in traffic, the same cyclist rode along side me, just as I was rear ended. 2 ft to the left and it would have been the cyclist.

So now the picture.
My issue, my only issue with this cyclist is the child. However I seem to be getting some stick on Twitter about it as I am apparently shaming a mum on social media, and if I cared I would buy and give her some lights…


Hard to see how anyone can complain, it does not identify her at all. The issue is that the complainants have missed the point of your post totally.

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Take it you saw some of the Twitter conversation John? lol
It has finally reached a polite discussion .

Indeed, not out to name and shame a person, just question their decisions regarding a child.

Cant find them.

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The user probably deleted them. I got blocked *sob sob