Questions about Flagging

Continuing the discussion from Scrutiny of Moderator actions:

The use of flags was an emerging theme in this category. I for one though am not completely clear on what happens with flags but thought a discussion on the matter might be a bit off-topic “over there.”

I recall there was some discussion on this from a thread last September which resulted in some changes but for me at least there is just generally more confusion particularly what does or does not happen when a post is flagged.

For instance earlier today I sent what I thought was a private message through the flag option. I didn’t see the need to involve the moderator but have subsequently found out the moderators were informed. That this would happen is not clear.

So I do wonder if the FAQ for flagging could be beefed up a bit? Or perhaps this may become a way to demystify the process. Some questions I’ve had based on the FAQ include:

If enough flags accrue, action will be taken, either automatically or by moderator intervention.

  • How many flags must be accrued or is this subjective?
  • What number is needed to automatically collapse a post?
  • Do flags have to be of the same category (spam/off topic)?
  • When do moderators interact with flags?

I also get the sense that mods would like the flagging system to be used more than it is. If I might suggest, the current layout does little to flag the flagging option is usually out of sight on posts, hidden behind the …


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I am not sure that we want flags to be used more - we would rather there was nothing to flag!
However they are there for a reason and we would prefer people flagged posts they have an issue with - so I have made an edit to the site to show the flag icon under each post. Just refresh your page to see it.

@ChrisBeach may be shed more light on the number of flags etc (I am at work and time is limited) - also hope the change I made is ok.


There’s no urgency in this matter.

I’ve been told this was an automated message and probably shouldn’t be happening in this circumstance. Happy to hear the team is looking into this.