Queues around Petrol Stations

There’s quite a lot of traffic around Bell Green due to queuing for the petrol station (which only opened at 7am!):

Staff are controlling the forecourt which is understandably busy and somewhat inevitable given the reports of queues in mainstream media yesterday.

Only let those in the red in to fill up - surely that will ease congestion


Damm, I actually need some petrol for a drive Monday, hopefully things have calmed down by tomorrow but I fear not.

Stansted Road is also blocked by the BP garage too, cars everywhere and on the wrong side of the road:

Definitely a good day to leave the car at home - if you can :grimacing:

That looks chaos. I assume the police will need to come out to marshall that, things will back up everywhere if it stays like that.

Yeah, it’s the same everywhere and I think that the chaos will only resolve when the petrol stations close their forecourts, presumably once their tanks are empty, only to restart after the next fuel delivery. Ironically I did see what looked like a petrol tanker stuck in the traffic…

London Road chaos, backed up beyond the Horniman:


If people are worried about having enough fuel driving said car and waiting in a queue with the engine running doesn’t seem the most rational response.

But then again I don’t own a car so what do I know. I plan to use my legs and electric powered trains for my essential journey needs over the next week or so.


The Esso at the Horniman had no fuel yesterday so must have had a delivery. Which presumably suggests that there are deliveries getting through so the panic filling is unnecessary. Shades of toilet rolls and flout all over again…


Traffic isn’t helped by the lane closure under the railway bridge in Forest Hill.


Well the queue for the esso on brockley road made it to the top of bbc news. If that makes things any better?

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Well things are fun down by the Tesco Garage. We were nearly hit by a car earlier as we walked along the pavement by Eliot Bank as drivers are deciding to bypass the queue for the petrol station by driving on the pavement.

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Went to Sainsbury’s Bell Green at 2:30 and the petrol station was closed. I’m running low on fuel and will soon see the running low light.

I’m holding off on my trip to the petrol station and am hoping this calms down by Monday/Tuesday (if my fuel keeps for that long)…

I wondered why the traffic was backed up past Sunderland Road when I went out about an hour ago!

I just went out, all 6 petrol stations I went to were out of fuel. It did look like the one on Brownhill lane might have some but I opted against joining the queue.

I need some for work ideally Monday but definitely Tuesday and for the rest of the week and also now on red. Hmmm.

Encouragingly it looks like the Bell Green Sainsbury’s was resupplied overnight, but unfortunately this is evidenced by the queues of cars again :frowning:

The Stansted Road BP and London Road Esso were not selling fuel when I passed this morning.

They were out of fuel by 10am.

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Just a shame that the trains are not running (again) this weekend.


A chum of mine lives in Bell Green, you could see the long queues of panic buying saddos from his bathroom window.


Well, at least we can dispense with the arguments about cyclists riding ‘in the middle of the road’ now. #neverforget the Fuel Shortages of 2021.

I cycled to Lewisham hospital today and there were huge queues to get into the Shell station right outside the hospital Emergency entrance opposite. People driving in Bus Lanes and all over the place. Traffic stretching in each direction, at least back to the gyratory in Catford.

Not only that it delayed a load of staff so the vaccine clinic was backed up with a lot of old vulnerable people queuing in the cold. The nurse who gave me my vaccine was worried about getting fuel for her role as a community carer tomorrow - she’s even hoping the emergency fuel rationing for key workers will kick in soon if things don’t improve. It’s not going well.

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