Quiz night moving from the Honor Oak Pub


After seven years at the Honor Oak pub , during which I persevered with my quiz night while various sets of owners came and went, the latest management team have made it impossible for me to continue.
I am now looking for a new Tuesday night home for the well established Paul Partridge Quiz Experience. I spoke to the Chandos yesterday, Tuesday , and hope I can move it there as it seems like a great venue.


Well, Paul, don’t know if anyone from Wasted Education will be around again on Thursday at Dulwich. The imminent demise of Streetlife isn’t helping.


Hello Val. Sorry to hear this. I am trying to get in touch with the Railway Telegraph in Forest Hill so all is not lost yet. Will let you know what’s happening.


Julia says there’ll be a team tonight. Someone I don’t know has mentioned a pub called the General Napier on Bovill Road, which is close to the Honor Oak. Not online though.


Hope to see you all tonight. I am not looking for another Tuesday pub at the moment as I have enough quizzes to deal with. I don’t think the Napier would be quite suitable. See you at the Dulwich Woodhouse . Paul


Hi Val. I will have a new quiz night starting Tuesday March seventh at the White Hart in New Cross Road. Close to the bus station and New Cross Gate. Eight pm. I know it’s a bit of a distance but I thought I would let you know. Paul


Thanks Paul. Sorry I didn’t pick up on this post earlier. I think it’s way too far for most of the rest of the team.


I thought it could be. Try and rally the troops for the Dulwich Woodhouse. See you soon