Quote function broken again [Resolved]

iPad Pro and iPhone X running iOS 12. When I hold to initiate quote function nothing happens. Neither quote box nor copy / paste box appear.

Thanks Rachael. Yes, I noticed this too and the Discourse developers suggest it is an Apple bug (in iOS12) as opposed to a bug in Discourse:

I will comment on the Discourse forum above, and if anyone else would like to share their experience with the Discourse developers to help them address this, please do likewise.


This bug is triggered by the composer window opening. As a workaround, try refreshing the page - text should then be selectable. I know it’s a pain, and I will do what I can to push for a fix.

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Refreshing only works intermittently as a fix. I don’t see the composer pane opening.

Update: this bug appears to be fixed in the upcoming iOS 12.1 release:

Sadly it’s not fixed in the 12.0.1, which Apple made publically available today.

Looks like this is finally fixed with Apple’s 12.1.1 update :hugs: