Railway Telegraph [2018]

The railway telegraph on Stanstead rd has begun doing food again.
My mum and dad had the 3 course Christmas dinner.
The roast was like a home cooked roast and plenty of it. I usually won’t have a roast dinner out due to frozen roast potatoes etc then charging a fortune. But I’d definitely have one next time.
The Christmas puddings were little individual ones.
I had mozzarella sticks. They were yummy. I then had fish and chips which was great.
They had a beautiful log fire going.
Prices for food very reasonable. Drinks on par with other local pubs. £4.80 For a pint of cider.
Atm you do have to walk to the bar to order but it only takes 2 minutes.
Lovely staff.
It’s my local and great to be able to walk there and back.
Be nice to see others give it a go.


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