Railway Telegraph selling takeaway pints...

… from a table at one of the doors. But you’ll have to fight your way through the group who believe takeaway includes the steps and tables by them.

Think i’ll give that a miss!

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Any different from the people who buy beer from the Sainsbury’s local in Sydenham and then drink them while sitting in groups on The Greyhound’s outside benches?

I have no issue with pubs selling takeaway pints but I wouldn’t want to walk through a gaggle of drinkers to get one.

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Neither do I. I quite fancied one but wouldn’t buy one for the same reason. Just walked past it again and there was a group of ten lads sitting clustered together at the picnic tables.

They’ve been doing it for the last few weekends (not sure about during the week!) Although I’m surprised that what appears to be a regular group are getting away with using the outside tables and seats as they’re certainly not social distancing!

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Brick brewery taproom opened for takeaway last week (cans only at the moment). They have a very sensible one way system in place, with a table between you and the serving staff and the yard is roped off so you can’t hang around.

We bought some cold cans and drank them in the park.

If you are going to do takeaway alcohol you have to be organised and responsible like that.


We are so heading for a second spike in infections…everyone seems to be giving up on social distantancing now and behaving like its party time

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Picked up some excellent local beer from the Ignition taproom today. You need to take your own container. Very well organised and contactless.

Can you party on the stoop?

No sign and I think they would discourage it! But could tote it to Mayow Park - there was plenty of socialising there.

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