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Just tried to go for a quiet last drink in here but was emphatically refused. Anyone have a good experience since the change in management? Looked like a paid entry only position in force over the weekend (and I’m loath to pay a fiver to have a final glass of wine in the garden).

Such a shame this pub hasn’t become a community pub and various managers have tried - but no one has seemed to manage it despite The Chandos and the Honor Oak having made a transition over the last few years.

It looks so ropey that it’s the only pub in FH we haven’t been in. Certainly won’t be venturing in now!

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Been in there twice in the last few months, both times a very odd experience… And so different to my initial impression of it back in 2016 when moving to the area.

  1. A night time, last drinks sort of thing - they had an Oasis tribute act (mad ferrit!). Quite a good gig I guess but the place was a bit rough and smokey (from intense smoke machine). And very very loud, as actually the space they perform is so close to the bar, the amps are right next to you.
  2. A daytime drop in with kids. Just a few locals and the strongest smell of weed I think I’ve ever experienced! And a very standoffish barman/ landlord.
    I won’t go back there unless a change in management, it’s just not welcoming
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We went there once earlyish on a Friday night. It was nice enough decor and service wise but the atmosphere was very odd. There was a very bad pub singer in the corner and the place was deserted apart from a gaggle of rather loud and drunk people who were obviously regulars and felt entitled to dominate the bar area and time of the bar staff.

We drank our drinks fairly rapidly, left and have never returned.

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This is a real shame.
I used to pop in there and enjoy a pint in front of the log burner every now and then. However the beer selection was limited and it lacked a bit of atmosphere so we never made it a regular thing.
There is a lot of good competition locally and I fear for its longevity if it doesn’t up its game a bit.
I say a shame because I always thought that it had potential to be a decent place for a beer and eats - decent space and location with a load of potential customers on the doorstep…


Never liked it-we need another good pub in the area tbh-We don’t like the Signal and tend to only drink in Sylvan Post.
We used to enjoy the Hob and still miss it


We miss The Hob too!

Surprised this place is still open