Raptor in South Rd



Wednesday 11th April around 7pm.Loud screeching noise looked up and saw what I thought was a Buzzard perched on the tower of the old Christchurch Church. Amazing sight no photos though, other people stopped to see the bird, just wondered if anyone could actually identify it, some were taking photos.


I was about to pose a similiar question! I’ve been hearing the bird squawking regularly for the last week or so but have only seen it in flight on one occasion, early Wednesday morning as it swooped down past me from a cornerstone on the Church spire. Was quite a sight first thing in the morning… Not sure what it was as it went past at such speed, but shall be keeping my camera-phone to hand when I walk past to see if I get lucky enough to get a snap. Thinking maybe its nesting high up on the church?


Just been told it could be a Peregine Falcon.


The Falcon is back tonight on the North East tower


Saw the Falcon yesterday evening wrestling with a Pigeon in its talons, but it had managed to break free by the time I could get my phone out.

Explains the sudden increase in feathers scattered around the church area!