Reaction buttons


I sense there is a shortage of buttons on this forum.

The :heart: button simply does not adequately reflect the number and range of reactions that are required for users to express their brief views on an individual post.

I can think of a few - but does anyone have any additional suggestions ?

Hustings for Local Elections

There is a plugin I could enable that would allow any emoji to be used:

I am a little wary of installing too many plugins though, as it reduces the stability of forum upgrades.

What do others think?


Not a huge fan of the idea. Too easy for users to get the wrong idea of an emoji. Intent may not match the reaction…


I can just imagine all the :poop: I would get.


:heart:️ = like, love, agree, sending love (pity, sorrow)
:black_flag: = disagree strongly

I’m with Nick, as much as its nice to have readable reactions, Facebook is a great example of how different emojis can be confusing.

A friend regularly posts updates on her medical conditions and gets everything from love to anger, with wow and cry in the middle. Although everyone is trying to say the same thing.

On here, with a group of relative strangers, it will be even harder to read.


We need a :rofl: reaction for that reply! Lol


I’d like to be able to reply with fewer than five characters. I could then deploy my own emojis as a reply or just say ‘yes’. Or ‘no’.

I’m not a fan of having a host of reaction buttons. I think one is fine - it can be used as a ‘like’ but also (as with twitter) as a way of saying ‘I bowing out of this conversation now’.


Having skim read the developer notes, the plugin seems quite sensitive to changes in the Discourse codebase - so might be more trouble than its worth.

Also, the fact that the ‘retorts’ are not indexed in the way that ‘likes’ are means that some of the stats used elsewhere in the site, will ignore these interactions.

So in summary - its a :-1: from me…


I just noticed that there is a special emoji
That’s weird. I’ll have to use that now!