Real Christmas Trees half price at B&Q Bell Green tonight (Weds 19th Dec 18)



I just bought a 6ft Nordmann (low needle drop) tree in there for £18 and they had loads left. They also had one left of the real big 10ft+ for £31 - both half original price. If you’re after a tree this seems to be a very good price.


Crackers are half price at Dunlem - Catford Business Park on Bromley Road.


Now all trees are £2!


So tempted! I think I got in the Christmas cheer too early and tree already looking a bit droopy


I usually find a causal relationship between the price of the tree and its quality. Freshness is important and you can quickly tell how fresh a tree is by the amount of water it drinks when you put it into a stand. I’ve been thrilled with the one I got a Christmas Forest in the car park of the cricket ground this year. It’s take very little water suggesting it was really fresh.

But I’m guessing this close to Christmas it probably won’t matter too much. And at £2 I be tempted to join the multi-tree households. Just make sure you give them all a really good shake. If a good amount of needles fall off then buy away. Just leave one for me!


Here’s mine up - virtually nothing dropped off of it yet needle wise.