Reclamation Shops


We are after a handful of bits of furniture with character for our house, primarily decorative (small tables, mirrors, that sort of thing). I’m trying to go to several in one outing :slight_smile: Does anyone have any interesting/quirky places driveable or otherwise within or beyond FH that usually have good level of stuff (and I appreciate it will vary)?

I’ve been to a couple of these (not all), but my list so far, googling is:

  1. The handful of places on eastern edge of the Crystal Palace triangle
  2. Crystal Palace Antiques
  3. Dulwich Reclamation
  4. Alladin’s Cave
  5. Windsor Antique Emporium (405 Lordship Lane)
  6. Peckham Salvage Yard events

I will edit as I find more so topic can be wiki’ed.

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There’s a place up near the Plough. It’s next to the little supermarket and cafe opposite the library in the first house in the terrace. Using StreetView it seems to be called Windsor Antique Emporium. I’ve had a happy wander through it a few times and found various random items.

Also worth Googling for when the next retro/vintage fair is due to be on at the Bussey Building in Peckham.

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Thanks! Just for the record, the “peckham salvage yard” is next on 23rd/24th March :slight_smile: Had no idea about that…

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The Old Bath House, 65 Bell Green.

Never been in, but have glanced in the door when open. Certainly have plenty of old fireplaces.

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Good to know although I think I’m busy that weekend. Will bookmark it for future though as it’s a great rummage and source of ideas.


There is a place at the lower end of Sydenham High Street on your right going down that has or used to have some interesting items.


There is a place along the Stansted road opposite Sunderland road in forest hill but not sure he will get rid of anything but worth asking


Further afield is LASSCO, in Vauxhall (London Architectufal Salvage and Supply Co - We used to visit their place elsewhere before they relocated (Bermondsey? Can’t remember) but haven’t been to this particular site. They have one near Tower Bridge too, I think.

Great for everything from reclaimed (and imperial measurement) floorboards to Victorian chandeliers, proper brass-and-porcelain doorknobs to stained glass windows rescued from old pubs. I think the 185 goes right past it. It certainly used to be well worth a visit, even if you weren’t intending to buy anything.

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Hi , you should pop by and see Simon at the old key cutting place opposite Forest hill station - his times are a bit hit and miss - so call him in advance, I’ll PM you his number - but I’ve been in loads and he has some awesome bits, you can get a good price and find some real diamonds in the dirt there !