Recommend A Vet in SE23



Can anyone recommend a local vet in Forest Hill?

Just got a 10 week old pup and would love him to get treated by a recommended vet…

Recommended shops and services in SE23
What about this new vets?

Slightly outside SE23 but close by, I can’t recommend Vets 4 Pets in Bell Green enough. Friendly, helpful, sensible pricing and some nice plans to sign up to.


Second vote for Vets4Pets. I moved to them from a local practice I wasn’t happy with when we got our puppy. I’d been with several other practices over more than twenty years with my cats, so I have a good basis for comparison. Vet4Pets are just great - caring, modern, up-to-date with new developments, convenient, great value. It helps that parking is easy as they are in the retail park. I was sceptical because I don’t like chains or national franchises. But I was wrong.


Mayow Vets at the SE26 end of Mayow Road have always been good. 020 8659 4496


Personally, I used to love Mayow Vets, but stopped using them after a couple of bad experiences. Im sure they are still good, but wouldn’t recommend them myself. (just my opinion)


Neighborhood Vets on Peckham Rye has always done well by us


Like anon64893700, I left Mayow Vets after many years with them. There were a lot of changes of staff and temporary vets after the original owner retired. I didn’t have any bad experiences as such but I missed the continuity of care with recognised vets. It may well have settled down now so I can’t say don’t go there. But ask questions about the ownership and permanent staffing. Also, they are a touch on the expensive side!


just wanted to say thanks for the feedback.
he went to vets4pets and they were gr8.


2nd vote for Mayow Vets!


Third vote for Mayow Road. Never had anything but great care and support.


Here’s an alternative to consider.

For the last year I’ve been using Scourfield Veterinary Services. They’re a mobile vet service that comes to your house. Kathryn who runs it is an outstanding vet and great with my two cats.

I use them because my cats get anxious about travelling in a box and frightened at the vet office. They cost a bit more than the usual, but as I’m without a car I had to pay for taxis anyways.


Just wanted to share a really great experience with We have a 14 year old cat who hasn’t needed vet treatment for some time and took her there for a check up and vaccinations on moving into the neighbourhood a couple of years ago. The vets there are so kind and attentive - particularly Rory and Jessica - and caught her kidney disease early enough for proactive management. They do automatic claims for most insurance companies and the receptionists are lovely. So many tines I see reviews of local businesses which don’t meet expectations that I thought I’d write a nice one to balance things up a little. Rory even offered when we were away for three weeks with someone looking in every day to come fetch her and keep her there if any health issues ensued. Great vets and worth a look if you are after a local one.


I agree, the Neighbourhood Vet in Honor Oak Park/ Crofton Park are really good!