Recommendations for alleyway gate installation

Can anyone recommend someone to source/install a tall and v. secure gate at the end of a narrow alleyway running along the back of gardens? Together with our neighbours we’d like to get something put in ASAP. Thank you very much.

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Shame this has to be done but to many dodgy people thing is ok to do what they like when then like. I hope you get it alongside great security lights installed. Make some sort of sign says private property/area. People who live there shouldn’t feel afraid to enter or exit their homes whatever time of day!!

Had a similar situation when I lived in the North East of England a decade or so ago. In that case we had to apply to the local council collectively, with evidence from crime stats and so on. Remarkably we were successful, probably they were hoping to get the crime figures down. In that case the bins were in the back alley not at the front of houses so the council held keys so that rubbish could be collected, and residents had access as well. The gates were very high and the rate of burglaries did I believe go down. The alleyway land was council property I believe - certainly I didn’t own anything beyond the back yard and wall I had and I think it was the case for the other residents as well. You may need to access your property deeds to be sure.

Thank you. Yes, it’s a real shame that this seems necessary.

Thank you. We actually have not considered the council’s potential involvement, given the alleyway runs behind such a small number of houses that it is easy to coordinate between the neighbours. It also is not big enough for anything like dustbins to be stored or for the council to have a need to access it but we should perhaps still double-check with them. Thanks again.

One important thing to check (if you haven’t done already) - do you and your neighbours actually own the alleyway? Is it shown as being part of your property on your title deeds?

If the alleyway isn’t part of your (or one of your neighbour’s) property, you could run into trouble if you gate it off…

(edit - I see that this questiuon has already been covered off - sorry!)

Thank you and apologies for the slow reply. There’s an existing (locking) gate - just not a very robust one - so maybe that means we’re OK to upgrade it? But I suppose it may not have been installed legally in the first place…