Recommendations for builder - kitchen reno

Does anyone have recommendations for a builder for a complete kitchen refurbished please?

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We have a topic here that may help: Builder / home renovation recommendations

Thanks @ChrisBeach , that’s really helpful. I’m hoping to get some more up to date recommendations here, particularly for people who have kitchen experience. But will check out those mentioned in the thread you posted too.

I’m sounding like a recommendations salesman here… but we also have a topic for that too: Kitchen fitter recommendations

Thank you! That’s exactly what I was after :slight_smile: But if anyone else has any more recs, I’d love to hear them. Hoping to get three quotes.


What style of kitchen are you looking for?
And will the existing kitchen need major reconfiguration or structural work?

Thank you for your speedy response. We are looking for a builder to remove dining room wall to create open plan kitchen dinner, also looking at Howden kitchen, which will involve structural work. We are thinking of possibly employing the different professional trade to carry out some of the other work we are planning. Any recommendations advice.

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Hi Vilma
I’m not the builder, but I know a man who is.
I’m a landlord/property owner/devloper-ish kinda bloke and I might be able to advise on certain aspects with no financial motive (I know that sounds weird).
For the moment, which Howdens kitchen range are you contemplating?
And, do you have any existing and proposed plans or sketches?

Hi Anotherjohn,

In answer to your question the answer is No!. We need to have a builder onboard before engaging Howden to come up with a plan for the new space, when created hoping to start work in the new year.
Thank you.

We’ve just had a Howden’s kitchen fitted by Kenny of Seymour building services - he also does building work. Really nice guy, efficient, tidy and really happy with the finished kitchen. Details are or if you find him on Facebook you can see pics of our work.

Hi Helen_Brown,

Thank you for taking the time to respond back to my post will give them a call today.

Many thanks!

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