Recommendations for caterers

I’m looking for a local restaurant that does catering for home parties. I’m having a small do for about 20 people but can’t be arsed to cook so looking for someone/somewhere that can deliver a whole load of food. Ideally it would be something like Turkish or Greek or Indian with loads of things to share and something good for vegetarians. Any ideas?

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Im sure i saw a note that Babur caters when i visited.

The All Inn One has done outside catering for private parties. Don’t know whether they still do.

Gabi Marx is a local mum who does catering, her food & cakes are superb!

ETA Just noticed her website seems to be for her cakes - she also does savoury food catering & supper clubs to a very high standard :slight_smile:

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Helen at is an incredible cook. She catered my wedding in 2014 and runs popular pop-up nights in Penge. She is the genius who was behind the food at the much-missed Homemade cafe on Barry Rd.
Also does superb cakes.

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