Recommended: Finishing Point floor sanding

A quick recommendation… Finishing Point flooring have just restored, sanded and polished the floors in our Victorian house and they have done a brilliant job. The place is unrecognisable (in a good way!). Roy, who carried out the work, was courteous, knowledgeable and endlessly patient in the face of adversity. Derek, who owns the business, was a pleasure to work with too.

Thanks for the recommendation. Did the rooms they’ve restored for you have to be cleared of all the contents by yourselves before this work was done? We’ve got quite a bit of this sort of work to do, and the only quote we’ve had so far suggested we’d need to completely clear the relevant rooms, which is quite tricky to do!

Also, can you give an idea of the sort of cost per room?

Hi there, we have a couple of sofas in the living room and one is enormous. The door had to be removed when it was delivered six years ago! We were loathe to attempt that again so they worked around it and put our smaller sofa on top. We did have to remove a few things but the rooms weren’t completely empty.

Cost per room is tricky to work out as we had two rooms and a hallway, and opted to have quite a few mis-matched boards replaced with reclaimed Victorian ones. We also chose to have the gaps between the boards filled which added to the grand total. It came to less than I feared though and we’re thrilled with the result.


I’ve renovated a few floors myself and in one case was unable to remove all the furniture from the room. I had to pile sofas and chair to one side and effectively handle the room as two jobs. Sand, clean, varnish… then move stuff and do the same.

All to suggest that by working around furniture it could increase the time of the job… and the cost.

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